The goal of the Anvóy Asset product is to bless our members by:

  • create a stronger local economy
  • support aligned business and ministry
  • protect members from being robbed by inflation
  • empower members to honor God more with their money and purchases

We plan to accomplish this by providing:

  1. God-honoring money alternative (Adam) and the infrastructure to process transactions and track balances
  2. A stable, locally-owned medium of exchange (money)
  3. Money that is not corrupted by usury (high interest rates that exploit the needy)
  4. An honorable alternative to bitcoin
  5. Cost accounting for tax reporting for all accounts

Support for local, aligned Organizations

We all want to support our local businesses and ministries (they have been struggle to overcome the huge advantages that their global competitors have).  Asset is a great way to do this.  Simply use Asset to pay them or get paid yourself.  This can save everyone costly fees and keep more money circulating in the local economy, which also benefits everyone.

You can send your funds to any other participating individual or organization with your own Anvóy Account instantly and free of charge. It works like other online accounts (such as PayPal) but with some important differences and advantages.

You will also be rewarded by receiving points toward your Alignment Badge every time you use your Asset account.  This will hopefully inspire more of your friends and neighbors to join and benefit from Anvóy, thus increasing the “strength in numbers” of the group.

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Adam: An Honorable Alternative to Bitcoin

Bitcoin has become very popular. We have seen its value (in US Dollars) shoot to more than $40,000. This is amazing when you realize that it started with a value of just 19 cents! But Bitcoin seems to be nefarious in nature. It is anonymous and therefore can be used in illegal transactions. It costs billions of dollars in electricity in order to “mine” it or make it.  Another problem with Bitcoin is that if the password or key value is lost, literally millions of dollars can disappear and never be recovered.

We have an alternative to the dollar and bitcoin.  The new local currency is called “Adam.”  Unlike bitcoin, Adam is:

  • recorded in a locally available ledger
  • can’t be used for shadowy deals or lost with a password
  • created to honor God
  • not expensive to “mine” like bitcoin

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Money not Corrupted by Usury

The charging of interest used to be illegal because it was looked upon as an unethical way for the wealthy to exploit the poor in order to gain even more wealth and power over them. Unfortunately “interest” and inflation are key aspects of the US banking system, which allows banks and lenders to charge interest in order to cover bank operation costs. The goal of the Acre is to eliminate “interest” and usury. Account owners who have a positive balance will be encouraged to offer zero or no-interest micro-loans to people they know and trust. This will create a fluid supply of funds that individuals and organizations can use to manage their cash flow. This is a key way that those blessed with more and help those with less.