Settlers and citizens of all 50 “states” of AnVóy America will have a voice in the decisions that affect them and this association. We envision this processing working as follows.

Voting Via the Approve App

We are accustomed to “one man, one vote,” but voting in AnVóy America doesn’t work that way. Here people earn their right to vote. You still must be 18 years old to vote, but after that one person may be allowed up to 12 votes, or no at all depending on their level of achievement. In this way, people who are doing more to support and benefit the community have a greater voice.

The number of votes a person has is determined by their Award Badge at the time of voting.

Approving a Proposal

Any New Rule proposed by the Assembly (or Senate) will need to be approved by the people. It is announced, and a limited time is given for voter to approve it. If it doesn’t get at least half of the votes possible, it fails to get approved.