Anvóy America

Anvóy America is a subgroup (or private association) of Anvóy members who are working together to restore America to it’s founding principles and the US Constitution.  We are Americans who love freedom and honor our forefathers who died to give us “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”  We also honor God and the time-tested and proven, traditional Judeo-Christian values that have blessed America and made her a “beacon of hope” to the world for centuries. We believe the real “existential threat” we all face is the leftist indoctrination and intimidation that is destroying our youth, families, communities, education, health, media, church, government, currency and economy. 

We are coming together to invest in the development of tools that will empower “we-the-people” to solve our own problems.  We aim to reclaim our health, education, government and local economies by building and supporting alternative “institutions” including asset-backed, locally-controlled money or “mediums of exchange.” 

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”  -The Preamble to the United States Constitution

This Important Work is Not Done

Our founders knew that America was not “perfect.”  That’s is why they included in the Constitution ways to improve it.  Over the years, we have made it better, but there is still work to be done.  The key to this process is “we the people,” not the people in power, and certainly not globalist elites who dream of consolidating totalitarian power in a One World Government.

The challenge is how do we, the middle class, the hard-working, tired at the end of the hectic day moms, dads and grandparents even defend the Constitution, let alone improve it.  There is no question that the Constitution and our freedoms listed in the Bill of Rights are under frontal attack by leftists in big government, big tech and big media.  The question is what can we-the-people do to “form a more perfect Union,” and promote Justice, Peace, Welfare and the “Blessings of Liberty?”

We Need Anvóy America

We need many new ways to coordinate and improve the effectiveness of our efforts.  The vision of AnVóy America is to create a new economy built on alternative institutions that honor the US Constitution and the conservative, biblical principles of traditional faith, family and freedom.  The goal is to meet each others needs, especially the most basic or food, clothing and shelter initially.  The vision longer term is to strive to meet all needs and as many wants as possible.  We want to do this by:

  • Supporting businesses and ministries, especially local ones, who most enthusiastically honor our values
  • Motivating talented young leaders by giving them the opportunity to build good careers while creating AnVóy America
  • Creating 50 independent legal entities, each one representing a new virtual state

50 Labs of Innovation, Competition and Progress

Companies like Google, Apple, Tesla, SpaceX and Facebook have captured the admiration of generations of young people and become the most highly valued corporations in the world.  They appear on the surface to offer products that people want, but in reality they don’t offer any solutions to our greatest need: saving faith, family and freedom.  America was built on traditional Judeo Christian values, and without this firm foundation, it will eventually crumble.  As our society implodes, so will all the current innovative tech giants.  Their stock will evaporate.  That is why there is no enterprise more important than investing our time, talent and treasure in preserving America’s foundational principles and values.

Anvóy Inc. aims to do this by facilitating the Anvóy America project.  We are helping local citizens to come together and create “Shipping Companies” to create the new world just as our ancestors did 400 years ago.  We envision a “Shipping Company” for each of the 50 US states.  These will start as territories, but later turn into real legal entities owned by their founders.  These entities will own all the of the partnerships, ideas, software and products we already have.  And they will continue to compete with each other to innovate and improve our ability to empower the people to preserve freedom and hope.

A New Beacon of Hope for the World

Each Anvóy state is initially intended to benefit people living in the geographic area of the actual state or territory.  However, after several state entities are formed, we intend to let consumer choose which virtual State they choose to live in.  For example, if one state finds a way to offer better products and services that another State, consumers will be allowed to patronize the better State.

Many products and services will only be available in the actual state of residents, but some products will be able to be used anywhere.  These products will be make available to consumers anywhere in the world.  For example, people from other countries and nationalities will be able to experience the benefits of traditional America values by “settling” in Anvóy America.  This expansion makes virtually unlimited growth possible for all of the 50 states.

Important Roles to Fill

Anvóy Inc. serves as a facilitator.  We are working hard to supply the ideas, technology and platform to empower local leaders like you to create the 50 entities.  For example, if you live in Indiana, a territory has already been established, with the hope that it will grow and become a state entity.  Although the territory is virtual, the entity, technology, people, benefits and potential are all real.  Each new entity will be owned and controlled by the founders who funded it.  They will recruit the good people who will be key to our success.  The main roles to fill are:

  • Founders – lead and fund the process of creating the entity
  • Settlers – consumers who use the platform to support local businesses and ministries
  • Ministries and Businesses who participate in the “new world”

Becoming a Settler

Settlers will have the opportunity to aid this vision for a better world in many ways.  To become a Settler is easy.  All you need to do is Sign Up for your free account by entering your name, email, a password, zip code and birth date (to show you are at least 13 years old).

Becoming a Founder

Founders are patriots who are eager to employ their talent, wisdom, passion and funds to promote and protect faith, family and freedom.  By become a Founder you will join an special group of individuals who will own and control any entity that results from this process.  As with any such journey, there is no guarantee that this will happen, but the process to begins with the signing of the “Letter of Intent.”

What is Anvóy America?  A New World of Freedom and Opportunity

Anvóy America is a movement of common people against corruption.  It is an experiment of self-government to restore freedom, justice and opportunity for all by returning power to the people.  We invite you to join us and help restore freedom of the press, speech, religion and equal justice under the law – and stop oppressive searches, taxes and spending.  We envision a fairer nation composed of 50 states that function as independent laboratories of progress.

This might be our last chance to overcome the lies that divide and mislead us.  “We the people” must return to God, listen to and forgive one another, and reunite ourselves as a sovereign nation.

AnVóy America is about Faith, Family, Freedom and Fairness

AnVóy is a comprehensive action plan to heal our land and leave a better world for our children.  With it we can mobilize and equip ourselves to shine the “light of Truth” and defend the precious freedoms our fathers died to give us.  

Our ancestors faced tyranny 400 years ago.  They crossed dark oceans for liberty and justice.   Their courage and sacrifice created the United States of America which was a Beacon of Hope to the world for centuries.

Sadly, we once again face calamity, but there is hope.  We are taking “Another Voyage” to redeem our nation.  We’re building a new Beacon of Hope: AnVóy America!

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Create Hope by Solving Big Problems

We are in a spiritual and cultural battle.  AnVóy America is a way that all of us can do even more for good.  It is like a long lever that we can pull and greatly increase our power.  The first step to succeeding is believing that we can.  Here are examples:

Problem AnVóy America
Global elites and corporations are taking over Empowers the poor and “middle class”
People are attacked if they speak truth Supports and protects them
The people are divided Helps us come together and work together
Everything we are doing is not enough Greatly increases our impact
People are punished for doing good Rewards people for doing good
Small towns and organizations are dying Supports small businesses and ministries
Youth are easily misled by modern media Inspires with an even bigger vision
Big gov’t manipulates with money Provides alternatives to dollars and bitcoin
Large institutions become corrupted Builds better establishment alternatives
Politicians let us down Helps keep them accountable
Redeeming our corrupt government Legally amends the US Constitution
Helping the less fortunate Equips us to teach lifesaving Truth better


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