AnVóy America is an Exercise of Self-Government

Our Mission is:

  1. Restore Freedom and Justice by returning America to the noble intent of it’s founding principles, the Constitution and Bill of Rights
  2. Improve America by fixing it’s flaws, especially those that have allowed our society and overly centralized government to become so corrupted
  3. Become, once again, a Beacon of Hope to the world

The Problem: How America Became Corrupted

  1. Too much power in too few hands
  2. The federal government is way too big. It’s almost 50% of GDP.
  3. Deficit spending steals trillions from future generations to buy votes today
  4. Large corporations and associations line up for billions in taxpayer dollars and often collude in harmful, big government schemes
  5. Government creates one crisis after another in order to advance its radical, self-serving agendas
  6. Government essentially has established a secular humanistic religion and uses many public schools and colleges to indoctrinate our youth
  7. Government neglects doing what it should do while doing much that it shouldn’t do.

The Solution: Return to State, Local and Self-government

  1. Reboot. Wipe the slate clean and start over with the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
  2. Empower the states. Let the bad ones fail and the good succeed.
  3. Limit the power of government by strictly limiting taxes and spending. Don’t allow it to print or borrow money.
  4. Free the press by preventing it’s owners or associates from receiving any government funds, contracts or benefits.
  5. Restore freedom of speech by eliminating so-call “hate speech” laws
  6. Restore the rights of parents to discipline and raise their children
  7. Restore freedom of religion and expression
  8. Prevent monopoly power. Limit the size and scope of large organizations by breaking them up into smaller entities.
  9. End all discrimination based on skin color or national origin
  10. End voter fraud by making it impossible to cheat


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