An Intro: Another Voyage Old


Another Voyage is a mentoring or discipleship tool.  It is simply a commitment between a parent/mentor and mentee to arrive at the destination/goal together. We use the “another voyage” analogy of a Captain (mentor) on a ship (group) of passengers (mentees). The voyage is dangerous, but the goal or destination is heaven and the Captain is a spiritual leader who strives to get everyone safely home.

To do so, we need maps and a compass. These are the tools we are developing and providing here. The maps serve as a checklist of “waypoints” or topics such as pitfalls, headwinds, and important concepts like sin, repentance and faith. The Captain keeps a ship’s “log” for each passenger. It is simply a more systematic way to make sure all of the important bases get covered over the years. The ship log is a tool that will show the status of each passenger. It could be used by parents, schools or churches.

Maps are simply outlines of major and minor topics, and links to existing free online resources for each topic. We envision offering a basic template that organizations can take and customize to meet their specific needs.

America’s Rise and Decline

America was built on “unalienable rights” endowed by our Creator.  Our “trust was in God” instead of men who we knew would be easily corrupted.  Our imperfect nation was improved by key Constitutional Amendments and it flourished.  Unfortunately, because the heart of man is “deceitfully wicked,” America has begun to fall.  Bad ideas, immorality and injustice are growing like cancer.  Our misguided leaders ignore God and the Constitution, use fear and hatred to divide us and consolidate too much power for themselves.  Once again “we the people” face tyranny and must to do something about it.

It’s Time for “Another Voyage”

It is not only our right to “petition government for redress of grievances,” it is our duty.  Our Declaration of Independence even states that it is the “duty” of the people to “throw off” abusive government as a last resort.  We don’t want to throw off our Constitution or government.  We want to redeem and preserve them.

America appears to be collapsing due to outside pressure, possibly in order to bring the US under global control.  Whatever the case, our current leaders seem helpless to fix the problem.  They are drunk with power.  They are like alcoholics with keys to the liquor cabinet.  Our only hope is to come together again and take bold action like our ancestors did.

We are not helpless.  There are practical, patriotic steps that we can all still take to protect the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Although there is no “virgin land” to which we can sail, there is a new “virtual land” called AnVóy America (pronounced ăn-VŌY which is short for Another Voyage).  We are taking Another Voyage to AnVóy America to restore our nation’s foundation and preserve hope for future generations.  

AnVóy America is a “virtual world” that can empower YOU to do even more “real world” good

What is AnVóy America?

AnVóy America is a virtual (or simulated) nation made up of 50 “territories” that can become virtual “states.” The people “settling” here are God-fearing, liberty-loving citizens just like you.  This is our way of coming together to support the common people, the small businesses/ministries and local governments that make our communities safe and prosperous.  This is a big vision to restore the Judeo-Christian principles that so blessed our nation.  You can be a key part of it.  Sign up for free to learn more!

Sign up to learn more

Here’s How to Learn More

  1. Sign up for your free account (agree to the privacy policy and terms and conditions)
  2. Enter your email, password and name (first, last and/or nickname for privacy)
  3. Enter the Zip Code where you wish to “settle”
  4. Enter your birth date (the minimum age is 13 years)

Then What?  Here is What You Will Get

After you sign up, you become a “settler” and have access to:

  • Another Voyage – How to be a Founder
  • Acre – AnVóy’s farmland based Medium of Exchange
  • Alliance – marketplace and common defense
  • Awards – recognition of outstanding performance
  • Arbitration – fair, efficient and rapid dispute resolution
  • Assembly – identifying qualified leadership representatives
  • Alpha – crowdfunding for new product development

Welcome to “Another Voyage” to a Better World!

There are many ways seek the potential benefits of Anvóy America:

  1. Become a Settler
  2. Become a Captain of your own “ship”
  3. Become a Founder

The Guest Membership

The initial status of a person who signs up for a free account is Guest.  Guests are visitors who are evaluating if they are a good fit.  To actually participate in Anvóy America, members need to choose to be a Settler or one of the other roles described below.

Become a Settler

This is the most common option.  It is for everyone who believes in our mission and vision to bless future generations by protecting and promoting the biblical principles that blessed previous generations of Americans.  To get started see the Settler Checklist here.

Become a Captain

Captains are people like parents, pastors, teachers, grandparents and others who want to mentor and help others.  Life is a tough voyage.  There are so many dangerous storms and misleading “winds of doctrine” that we can’t make it our own.  Captains choose the loves ones they want on their ship, and then use this platform and it’s special tools to help insure that each sole makes it safely home.  To get started see the Captain’s Checklist here.

Become a Founder

Founders are Settlers who want to do more.  They play the important role of co-founder of the “Shipping Company” for the state in which they live (for example “Anvóy Indiana” is the shipping company for Indiana).  The vision for Another Voyage to Anvóy America is to create a “shipping company” for each state.  Founders can be part owners of this legal entity.  To learn more or get started see Founder Checklist here.

Overcoming the Lies that Destroy Lives and Nations

Our ancestors risked everything to cross vast oceans for freedom and opportunity.  The sound beliefs on which they built America made her a beacon of hope to the world for centuries. America has shown the “light of truth” through many global wars and crisis. Without her, the world would have been very dark.

America has always been great to the extent that she was “good” but unfortunately, she is straying more and more from the conservative, biblical principles that so richly blessed her.  As a result, many serious problems are growing and threaten to destroy our children’s future.

Avoiding this Unnecessary Disaster

America is divided between the traditional “Judeo-Christian” beliefs on which she was founded and many new, contrary ones. We are in a spiritual and cultural tug-of-war between good and evil. We are fighting to defend truth, but we are losing our footing. Everything that we are currently doing is not enough. We must find better ways to prevent our fall before it is too late. We still can!

It’s Time to Take ANother VOYage

We have reached a pivotal time in our history that requires an extraordinary response. We can either:

  1. “Pull out all the stops” to pass our life-saving, biblical worldview on to the next generation, or…
  2. Fail to do so, let America’s light go out and watch the world plunge into darkness.

We call this audacious plan “Another Voyage” (or “AnVoy” for short) in honor of our ancestors who made “another voyage” when they came to America.  They risked life and fortune crossing vast oceans for freedom.  They formed “wagon trains” in order to tame the “Wild West.” With incredible courage they came together and organized perilous journeys to better worlds. Their vision created “America” which became a beacon of hope to the world for centuries!

Our forefathers wouldn’t have been able to overcome the stormy seas or the barren deserts on their own.  Even though they were rugged, independent individuals, they overlooked their differences long enough to ensure their survival.  They would “circle the wagons” when they were threatened. They formed shipping companies to pool their funds, technology and talents.  In order to win today’s cultural war, we must do the same.

It’s time to (once again) take extreme, courageous action together.

The “Another Voyage” company (or “AnVoy” for short) is a modern day shipping company, but this time the goal is not crossing oceans or deserts. AnVoy is specifically designed to facilitate the huge, pull-out-all-the-stops response that our current crisis requires. 

We invite you to learn how you can be a part of this new, exciting Voyage to a better world!

When our ancestors faced similar challenges they did not shrink back in fear. They stepped out in faith and sailed for America. They came together, pooled their resources and took wise action. We are doing the same!

How AnVóy Facilitates Another Voyage

We are helping individuals, families, groups and organizations take Another Voyage to a better world like our brave forefathers did. Our goal is to create a new beacon of hope by “settling” a new America, a “virtual nation” called AnVóy America!

We call our company “AnVóy,” which is short for ANother VOYage. It is a fun and creative way that all of us can work together to redeem our culture one person at a time. Our plan is to engage our youth in the life-changing experience of taking ANother VOYage and settling AnVóy America. Together we can build a successful new “nation” that lights the way forward to a bright future. We invite you to be part of this exciting adventure!

Working Together to Build a “Better World”

Government won’t solve our problems because improvement will never come from the top down. It can only come from the bottom up by changing the hearts and minds of people – starting with our youth who are the future.

Start by Reserving Your Settlement Location

Although AnVóy America is a virtual or imaginary world, we envision it empowering you or your organization to improve your real world results.  By reserving your spot today you will not be obligated to do anything. You will simply be saving your place in line to have the option to receive the benefit of being one of the first to “settle the new world.”