Join Us on Another Voyage!

Another Voyage to AnVóy America is a unique, hands-on, purposeful mentoring experience. It:

  • Fills a great need in our world today
  • Is an important “Rite of Passage” for youth
  • Is a grassroots movement to defend Truth and Redeem America

We’re in a spiritual, political and cultural tug-of-war for survival. “Another Voyage” can help us win by:

  1. Growing an Alliance of people protecting one another, cultivating real relationships and building “Alternative Institutions” that honor our values
  2. Rescuing well-meaning but misled friends and neighbors, and recommitting to America’s foundational, Judeo-Christian values
  3. Tracking our results to improve methods and allocate resources better

By joining the AnVóy Alliance, you become part of a team that is dedicated to defending and promoting biblical principles using specifically designed tools or Apps. You can also lead others by taking “Another Voyage” to “AnVóy America” which can indirectly and directly benefit you, your family or organization.

We are developing tools (or Apps) that empower individuals and organizations as part of the Alliance to do more than they thought possible and win our Cultural Tug-of-War.

Here’s How to Learn More: