Another Voyage

Welcome to “Another Voyage” to a Better World!

There are 2 ways to gain access to the many potential benefits of Anvóy America:

  1. Become a Settler
  2. Become a Founder

The initial status of a person  who signs up for a free account is Guest.  A guest is basically an observer.  To actually participate, you need to choose to be either a Settler in Anvóy America or a co-founder of the “Shipping Company” for the state in which you live (for example “Anvóy Indiana” is the shipping company for Indiana).

Become a Settler

This is the most common option.  It is for everyone who believes in our mission and vision to bless future generations with peace and prosperity by protecting and promoting the biblical principles that blessed previous generations of Americans.  To get started see Settler Checklist here.

Become a Founder

Founders are Settlers who want to do more.  The vision for Another Voyage to Anvóy America is to create a “shipping company” for each state.  Founders can be owners of this legal entity that they create.  Founders play keys roles in helping make this whole vision a reality.  To get started see Founder Checklist here.