Another Voyage 2


Another Voyage is a mentoring or discipleship tool.  It is simply a commitment between a parent/mentor and mentee to arrive at the destination/goal together. We use the “another voyage” analogy of a Captain (mentor) on a ship (group) of passengers (mentees). The voyage is dangerous, but the goal or destination is heaven and the Captain is a spiritual leader who strives to get everyone safely home.

To do so, we need maps and a compass. These are the tools we are developing and providing here. The maps serve as a checklist of “waypoints” or topics such as pitfalls, headwinds, and important concepts like sin, repentance and faith. The Captain keeps a ship’s “log” for each passenger. It is simply a more systematic way to make sure all of the important bases get covered over the years. The ship log is a tool that will show the status of each passenger. It could be used by parents, schools or churches.

Maps are simply outlines of major and minor topics, and links to existing free online resources for each topic. We envision offering a basic template that organizations can take and customize to meet their specific needs.

Try BibleTide, which is the first version of the Another Voyage map: