Our Vision

Confusion, corruption and oppression grow as America abandons the Foundational Values on which it was built. This moral decline hurts everyone, especially the young, poor and vulnerable. No society can stand without a firm foundation of truth. Our only hope is to return to God and the stability of our time tested and proven Judeo-Christian Values. Here is how we do that before it’s too late.

Rescuing souls from the oppression of this old world

Another Voyage is a comprehensive plan for “we-the-people” to restore Foundational Values via better education, coordination and options. It’s about telling people the truth and providing God-honoring alternatives for them to choose.

And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. –John 8:32

Our ancestors crossed vast oceans to escape tyranny centuries ago. They came to America for freedom and opportunity. Now we are taking Another Voyage to build a better world once again: a new, virtual nation called Anvóy. We welcome you to join us on this vital mission!

This time we are not sailing off to a foreign land though. We are creating alternative institutions right here, so that we are not forced to support the old corrupt ones. We need more than one huge, consolidated, bad option. Anvóy is the laboratory in which we develop alternatives. These experimental products can mature into real world solutions that either reform or replace our current corrupt institutions.

The lab in which we create alternatives to renew the world. For example, we are excited to introduce the first alternative: Anvóy’s virtual Stock Market. The stocks traded in Anvóy are not shares of for-profit companies. They are shares of 12 Foundational Values our society desperately needs. You can buy and sell shares of Truth, Faith, Liberty, Family and more right here just like real stocks. Although they are not real investments yet, they can still yield great blessings!

You finally have a choice! Now you can create a portfolio of Foundational Values and pass them on to future generations. Making these Values valuable is an incredible opportunity to show the world what really is most important! Together, we can send a powerful message that can’t be ignored. And this is just the first of many alternatives we are building.

Buying Values is exciting for students, and motivates them to engage and learn the truth. It also funds the development of other needed alternatives. Our goal is that everyone who believes in Foundational Values will buy, hold and share them. Will you help show that the truth of God’s Word is supreme in this unique way?

You can now buy up to $2,000 worth at the lowest initial prices.

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