Winning America’s Tug-of-War

The traditional, Judeo-Christian values on which America was founded are under attack. Radical ideologies threaten our precious liberty for which so many brave patriots died. Unprecedented deception is destroying young lives and families. Government corruption, division and debt are growing. We are in a social, political and spiritual tug-of-war for survival – and we are losing!

Our adversaries in this battle are winning because they are working together.  Big government, big tech and the elite media are pulling as a team and “we the people” are less organized and losing ground.  Unless we do something different, we may soon lose our footing completely and collapse.  If we let the light of truth go out, our children could endure horrific darkness.


Our traditional values are on the verge of being overwhelmed.


Although we are the underdog, we can still win this war if we take decisive action. To counter our opponent’s overwhelming advantage we need to coordinate an equally massive response. We can win this tug-of-war by dramatically improving our teamwork, strength and technique.  There is a way to empower individuals and organizations to join our side and pull together better than ever before.


We have a plan to greatly expand our teamwork, strength and technique.

Good people are busy doing good things: raising children, paying bills and running organizations.  Our vision is to empower them to (1) do those jobs even better while (2) at the same time (and with less effort) be part of a massive, combined force that successfully defends truth nationwide.  We believe that the synergistic impact of these many separate yet coordinated efforts has the potential to turn the tide of this critical struggle in our favor. 


We call this audacious plan “Another Voyage” (or “AnVoy” for short) in honor of our ancestors who made “another voyage” when they came to America.  They risked life and fortune crossing vast oceans for freedom.  They formed “wagon trains” in order to tame the “Wild West.” With incredible courage they came together and organized perilous journeys to better worlds. Their vision created “America” which became a beacon of hope to the world for centuries!

Our forefathers wouldn’t have been able to overcome the stormy seas or the barren deserts on their own.  Even though they were rugged, independent individuals, they overlooked their differences long enough to ensure their survival.  They would “circle the wagons” when they were threatened. They formed shipping companies to pool their funds, technology and talents.  In order to win today’s cultural war, we must do the same.

It’s time to (once again) take extreme, courageous action together.


The “Another Voyage” company (or “AnVoy” for short) is a modern day shipping company, but this time the goal is not crossing oceans or deserts. AnVoy is specifically designed to facilitate the huge, pull-out-all-the-stops response that our current crisis requires. 

We invite you to learn how you can be a part of this new, exciting Voyage to a better world!

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