Alternative Institutions – The Building Plan

The goal of Another Voyage is to build and support Alternative Institutions (also called Parallel Institutions) that honor our traditional Judeo-Christian values. Currently many secular institutions have a monopoly. This means that we have no choice but to support them, even though we don’t agree with the policies and agendas that they promote.

By creating Alternative Institutions we can give people a choice. They can choose to use the institution that honors their values. We hope that enough people will choose our alternative so that it can complete with and in some cases even replace the secular version.

In Ayn Rand’s novel “Atlas shrugged,” John Gault leads productive members of society on a “strike” against it’s socialist looters. Likewise, we believe the best way to help the world is to separate ourselves more from it. This is a “tough love” measure not unlike the parent who stops sending money to a child who is doing more partying than studying at college. The only way to force an institution to change is to stop supporting it. We must stop helping the worldly institutions that oppose our values and build new ones instead.

Some Parallel Institutions already exist and are growing. For example, “health care sharing ministries” like Samaritan Ministries provide hundreds of thousands of families an affordable alternative to traditional health insurance. Christian schools and home schools teach children a biblical worldview instead of a harmful secular one. Such institutions either improve secular ones by competing with them, or take over when they fail. Many more parallel institutions are needed, especially if we hope to preserve or replace corrupt political and financial institutions. AnVoy aims to help facilitate the success of many more parallel institutions by helping all of us identify and use the best ones.

Other examples of Alternative Institutions include:

  • Education achievement and skills validation alternatives
  • Medical sharing and other group insurance alternatives
  • Banking and Finance options
  • Arbitration instead of costly lawsuits
  • Keeping ministries and nonprofits accountable for results
  • Business directory of Alliance Members and their performance
  • News and entertainment options

Do you have ideas? Let’s talk about them. We are here to figure this out together.

Take action today! Join the AnVóy Alliance and help us support alternative institutions that align with our values so that we can begin to dismantle left-leaning monopolies.

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