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Another Voyage (anvóy)

Reject Evil and Return to God

An Introduction

The Watchmen on the Wall See Danger and Take Action

The evil influence of the world threatens to overwhelm us. Idolatry and deception are creeping into the Church. Consolidation is creating corrupt monopolies that force believers to violate biblical convictions. We must not allow ourselves to be overcome, but instead, make provision now to protect our loved ones.

Taking Another Voyage to be More Separate from the World

Another Voyage (or Anvóy for short) is a call to repentance and godliness. We are to be “salt and light” in the world, but we are not to be of the world. We serve a Holy God and are to reject corruption, and help others do the same. God’s people have taken voyages many times before to separate themselves from the fallen world.  Our European ancestors journeyed to America seeking religious freedom. They formed shipping companies to pool their resources for the perilous voyage. Today, we are again doing the same, but this time we are not traveling to a distant land. We are making provision to be a more separate people, and a better “salt and light” right here.