Adam – Money Created to Honor God

In the beginning God Created…

Money is a Good Thing

Any type of money, or medium of exchange, is not bad on its own.  It is the “love of money” or greedy misuse of it that is evil. 

Working to earn money to cover personal or family expenses is honorable.  Saving it is also a very commendable so that one is able to meet unexpected needs that often arise.  Money makes fair trade (which is also very beneficial) much easier.  It is only because man’s heart is sinful that he often corrupts money and misuses it.

For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. – 1 Timothy 6:10

The Corruption of Money

Throughout history governments have used money to manipulate their citizens.  When politicians discover that they can get away with buying votes, it usually isn’t long until they print too much of it and devalue it.  This destroys the currency, economy and causes the people hardship.

Citizens also are guilty of misusing money, as we tend to trust too much in it and amass too much of it.  There is nothing wrong with becoming wealthy as a result of hard work, extreme talent or even good luck.  But it is unethical when monopoly power or corrupt political ties are used to build fortunes.  It is also unethical if extremely wealthy people continue to horde wealth without helping their “fellow man.”  Unequal distribution of wealth is normal and good, but extremely unequal and unfair distribution due to exploitation eventually leads to social unrest.

The dollar has served the US well for centuries.  It is still considered one of the “safest” currencies in the world even though it is no longer backed by gold.  However, many Americans are concerned that the US government is printing too many dollars, which could cause them to lose value.

Creating a Better Currency

Bitcoin has become very popular.  We have seen its value (in US Dollars) shoot to more than $40,000.  This is amazing when you realize that it started with a value of just 19 cents!  But the Bitcoin seems to be nefarious in nature.  It is anonymous and therefore can be used in illegal transactions.  One wonders if the Bitcoin they buy are tainted with the blood of innocents.   Another problem with Bitcoin is that if the password or key value is lost, literally millions of dollars can disappear and never be recovered. 

We have created Adam as an alternative to the dollar and bitcoin.  Unlike bitcoin, Adam is backed by the assets of the state in which it was issued and is recorded in a ledger.  It can’t be used for shadowy deals or lost with a password. 

The value of Adam is expressed in Acre units.  Each Adam has a complete history of its ownership and value in both dollars and Acres