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What Is a Generational Win?

Here at Alliance Defending Freedom, we often talk about securing “generational wins” through our work in the courtrooms and in the culture. Click to read more

The Spirit of Liberty

This weekend on Truths That Transform, we commemorate Memorial Day. Countless heroes paid the ultimate price for our freedom. But are we letting it slip away? Find out on this week’s Truths That Transform.


Congress just introduced a bill misnamed the “Equality Act” that will unleash the most radical, anti-religious discrimination America has yet faced. It attacks religious freedom, free speech, privacy, and women’s rights—all in one bill! The impact of it will be widespread—affecting churches; religious colleges and

Marks of a Healthy Sending Church

May 20, 2021 in ROMANS 12-16: Putting Your Faith Into Action Up to this point, the church in Antioch has been Paul’s sending church, but now his sights are set on Spain and Rome. Paul’s whole point in writing to the Romans is to help make them

COS Indiana

Convention of States is a movement to empower individuals to act through their state legislatures to call a convention for the purpose of amending the constitution. Citizens concerned for the future of their country, under a federal government that’s increasingly bloated, corrupt, reckless and invasive,