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Quiz! Do you know your rights?

Did you know that many Americans don’t understand their constitutional rights? In a recent survey, nearly 20 percent of Americans who participated couldn’t name any rights guaranteed under the First Amendment! We know you cherish freedom. And we think you know your stuff! How do

A Godly Education

The growth of secularism among young people spells the doom of the future of freedom—unless Christian parents take action. What will it take to rescue our children and grandchildren from the toxic, ungodly indoctrination masquerading as education in our government-controlled schools? In an increasingly secular

Abortion Is Not Health Care

Mary SzochIngrid Skop As government officials debate the issue of funding abortion, the question, “Is abortion health care?” is consistently at the forefront of the discussion. However, “health care” itself is rarely, if ever, defined — thus, making it difficult to determine if abortion fits

The grandma who could lose everything

Barronelle is a 75-year-old floral artist. Over the past seven years, she’s received hate mail and even death threats. If the Supreme Court doesn’t intervene, she could lose nearly everything. What did this grandmother do to get herself into such a dire situation? It all started when Rob, a

Will the Church Forget?

June 6, 2021 Do you ever feel like your faith and values are under siege in America? It seems like, everywhere we turn, even simple rationality is being upended, as our world begins to look and sound increasingly like we’ve gone through the looking glass.