A True Compass is Essential

In order to take Another Voyage successfully, we must employ an accurate compass. The purpose of any Compass is to define “true north” and indicate how our direction or alignment relates to it. Are we still headed in the right direction? Have we allowed cultural winds to take us off course?

The purpose of the AnVoy Compass varies depending on which Route you take:

  • Spiritual Route – defines Spiritual Truth and our alignment to it
  • Social Route – best political and social practices and our alignment
  • Personal Route – wisdom for leading a happy, fulfilling life

Shipyards Provide a Map and Compass for each Ship

Even though we desire the same destination, we are all different. Some may prefer a Spiritual voyage, others a Social one. Others may want to start with a personal journey that avoids the Spiritual or Social routes.

But even on the Spiritual routes, there are slight differences of opinion. There are evangelical Christians, Catholics, Pentecostals, etc. In order to accommodate these preferences, shipyards create different Class of ships which have slightly different routes and Way Points, but the destination and the “true north” of the Compass is always the same.

The Truth never changes. For the Spiritual voyage it is based on Holy Scripture. For the Social route it is based on the traditional, Judeo-Christian values on which America was founded. For the personal journey it is based on time-tested, common sense truth over the often misleading information so common in our society.

Benefits of the Speedometer

Ships also have a Speedometer that gauges your ships performance over time. It tracks and sums the accomplishments of all of the passengers on a ship and converts this data into a speed. This “miles per hour” rate indicates how your ship is performing relative to other ships. It also included an odometer which sums total miles logged.

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