The Straight and Narrow Way
From Lifesong for Orphans

A discipleship / mentoring platform built with Anvoy tools that parents, churches and schools can use to teach biblical truth

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Make discipleship and mentoring easier and more fruitful

Discipleship is an essential way to protect and prepare young people, but with so many distractions today, it is difficult to do. We have created this platform to help parents and organizations perform this vitally important task. Studies show that children have a stronger biblical worldview when they are taught it at home, at church and at school. Using Anvoy's Kin, Church and School Apps makes this three-pronged approach possible.

Our history: orphans on the "straight and narrow"

Biblical discipleship has long been a key part of Lifesong Orphan Care, but this program was created recently for our orphanage in Mexico.  We wanted to teach biblical principles and life skills and monitor the progress of each child over time.   We plan to meet with each child every few months, and talk about progress in various areas such as spiritual, academic, social and physical.  Because these interviews are done by the same person, we need a way to store notes taken where all of our staff can access them.  By using the Anvoy platform, we can share this discipleship tool with others, so that they can also use it in their family, church or school.  We call this program "The Straight and Narrow Way" because that is the legal name of our orphanage in Spanish (Grupo Camino Recto).

What to expect?

This is the first discipleship program that we have created using the Anvoy platform.  It uses the built in "Performance Review" feature, which can also be used within organizations for employee reviews.  We hope that it will enable you to share biblical wisdom with the next generation more effectively.  This mission priority automates the setup of the Kin, Church or School app, so that you can start discipling within your family or organization in just a few minutes. Seeing how it works firsthand is a great way to understand its potential benefits. Some of which are:

  1. You can build real, face-to-face relationships
  2. A more structured process, yet you control what content is covered
  3. Adults can collaborate online
  4. Students build a valuable track record over time
  5. The platform includes many other useful apps that are fully integrated

How does it work?

You use your Anvoy Account to set up your family (via the Kin App), church or school.  Next you use the included topical review formats to guide your discussions with students. You record status comments in the system. You can set up a schedule of reviews for students so that progress in various areas can be evaluated over time. This Mission Priority will step you through this process, including your first student review.

You can create and modify your own topical review formats.  These can be shared with others as your own Discipleship and Mentorship programs.

How to Get Started

If you haven't done so already, sign up for an Anvoy User Account. Then, follow the instructions on the Actions menu (above).