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Our goal is to empower people to defend and promote marriage in meaningful and measurable ways.  This institution is a critically important part of any stable family and society.  We hope to make this process fun and engaging, especially for our youth because they are the future.  By adding this Mission Priority, you will be able to see via charts and graphs):

  1. how many people you have helped mobilize for this cause
  2. how many people have confirmed or reaffirmed the truth about marriage
  3. how many couple have used our Wed App to organize their wedding
  4. how many young people are seeking truth as they contempt getting married themselves.
Helping Single Christians Find a God-Fearing Spouse 
In the near future, we hope to add features to the Wed App that help single Christians and their parents prayerfully expand their search to find the right person to marry.  We envision this tool identifying single believers who have a track record (on the Anvoy platform) of serving the Lord.  This verified history indicates fruit of a life of faith.

Many youth today are in no hurry to get married.  We hear about bucket lists, career aspirations, and desire to remain free.  We want to inspire young people with a Vision for Marriage.  Marriage is a SELFLESS act of courage and great potential to glorify God.  Raising children is an essential part of evangelism, and being salt and light in our culture.