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Faithful "Watchmen on the Wall" See Danger and Take Action

The evil influence and growing immorality of the world threatens to overwhelm our families, communities and country. We're taking Another Voyage (or Anvoy for short) to protect our loved ones, distance ourselves from idols, and draw closer to our Holy God.

Set Apart for an Irresistible Testimony of Faith

God’s people were often called to separate themselves from the sinful world throughout history.  When our European ancestors sought religious freedom in America, they formed shipping companies because they couldn't make the perilous voyage alone. Today, we are doing the same, but this time we’re not traveling to a distant land. We’re creating the Anvoy organization in order to be a more sanctified people (to be “salt and light” better) right here at home.

A Rare Opportunity for an Exciting, Redemptive Voyage

It's a joy to work with young people and give them a vision of hope for the future!  But this voyage will not be easy. We will face strong headwinds from evil opposition. This is an "all-hands-on-deck" and "pull-out-all-the-stops" moment. We are counting on your help to build the Anvoy platform, which you as a member will own, control and benefit from.

Please Join the Voyage Already in Process!

We are well on our way to creating and supporting God-honoring alternatives to harmful, secular products.  Our apps are no-frills, ad-free, and idol-free.  We also are rolling out very innovative solutions that we believe have the potential to transform society for God's glory. We hope that seeing what we have already accomplished (with just 1 developer) will inspire your enthusiastic support to do more.  We certainly need it to succeed!

Welcome Aboard Another Voyage!

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