Use our apps to bless your family, organization or town, and help restore the firm foundation our society needs!

Kin App – Automate and track Family devotions

Bible App – Distraction-free Bible Study tool

Pray App – Distraction-free Prayer tool

Aim App – Track progress and be accountable for your Goals

Nation App – Track spiritual revival progress in all 50 States

Town App – Help establish the Bible as the foundation of your Community

Co App – help employees promote God’s Word at Work

Church App – help members revive biblical truth at Church

School App – help students promote life-saving truth in School

Contact App – Encourage all of your Contacts to put God first

Pay App – Use our God-honoring payment system to make a powerful testimony the world can’t ignore

Adam Currency – Use our God-honoring medium of exchange

Give App – Reward charities that use Kingdom funds most efficiently

Msg App – an alternative, God-honoring messaging tool


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