America’s Tug-of-War

Hopefully you are “on board” with the concept of “ANother VOYage” to a better world, but you may still wonder “How will this work?” Before our ancestors invested in a risky voyage, they needed a clear vision of success too. Here is a more detailed explanation of what AnVoy looks like:

Why Take ANother VOYage?

America suffers because it has strayed from it’s biblical and conservative roots, the traditional Judeo-Christian values on which it was founded.

The federal government has grown into a monster that creates crisis, funds corporate corruption and foments division and strife for its own benefit. The education establishment promotes leftism for it’s own benefit. Well-connected corporations get billions by colluding with big government schemes. These institutions form a secular, leftist, progressive “elite establishment” which is the enemy of almost everything for which America once stood.

Wake up! Protect the precious things you are losing because of your negligence. God as our witness, you are not doing all you can do!

Revelation 3:2 (paraphrased)

In spite of the calamity, most Americans still enjoy freedom and prosperity. This grace period is only possible because many hard-working tax-payers, God-fearing families, churches and ministries make America work. This “calm before the storm” belies the danger we are in. The “dam is cracked and could suddenly break.”

America is in a giant tug-of-war for hearts and minds. As more and more youth are indoctrinated by the “elite establishment,” we are losing this battle. We are reaching a tipping point where we will no longer be able to withstand the other side. Like any tug-of-war, once you start to lose footing, the fall can come quickly. Our society might crumble like that of Venezuela. History is full of sad examples of nations destroying themselves from within. If we don’t do something else soon, we may join that list.

But what more can we do? The Elite Establishment is like a runaway train whose engines are the most powerful institutions on the planet. The only way that “we the people” can hope to stop it is to coordinate an equally massive response. Conservative, bible-believing individuals and organizations must pull-together with more clarity of purpose, focus, cooperation and productivity than ever before.

AnVoy’s vision is to provide tools to help organize and optimize this critically important voyage. Think of AnVoy as the rowing team leader yelling “stroke” so that we all pull together. It’s a simple Strategy that has the potential of making a huge impact. With the participation of many people like you, there is no reason it can’t work.

To see the Strategic Plan click here.

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