ANother VOYage to a Better World

Our ancestors risked life and fortune to cross vast oceans for freedom.  They had tried to restore their corrupt culture from within, but nothing worked. Finally, the old world became so unbearable that they came together and organized a voyage to a new one.  Ironically, separating themselves from their culture ended up being the best way to save it. Their vision and courage created “America” which became a beacon of hope to the world for centuries!

Unfortunately, America has since strayed from the biblical and conservative principles that so richly blessed it. Harmful ideologies have invaded our land and threaten our lives and liberty. Many Americans seem blind to the imminent danger, but those of us who know history aren’t. We shutter at the thought of the horrific darkness our children could endure if America’s light goes out.

We, like our ancestors, have tried to preserve our culture from within, but more and more young lives are being destroyed by unprecedented levels of deception. We are in another unbearable situation that again requires an extreme, courageous response.  That’s why we are coming together to organize ANother VOYage to a better world. We call this new “shipping company” AnVoy, which is short for “Another Voyage”.

This time around there is no virgin land to which to sail.  We can’t leave the old world behind physically, but we can and must leave behind the humanistic and leftist ideologies that corrupt it. By separating ourselves more from this dark world we can shine the light of truth into it even brighter.

AnVoy is for helping us fight the cultural war better together. We struggle against powerful adversaries within our government, education establishment and major media corporations. Anyone who stands up for truth risks being singled out and attacked. He can even lose his job or have his business destroyed. We must do everything we can to protect these brave patriots and stop helping the other side. AnVoy can help us “circle our wagons” to better defend and promote the traditional Judeo-Christian values that are essential for freedom and success.

Are you concerned about worldly deception? Do you wish you could defend truth more effectively? Are you willing to join us and embark on ANother VOYage to save hope for future generations?

“One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.” -Andre Gide

This journey will not be quick nor easy, but if we come together with determination and willingness to sacrifice as our ancestors did, we can again bless our children and the world for centuries!

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