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Why anvóy?  Our country is in crisis.  Our culture is upside down.  Wrong is right and right is wrong.  We are letting ourselves be divided.  Our young people are losing hope.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  We know the truth, but the message is being muffled.  Finally there is a way that all of us can do more about it.  Anvóy helps you “shine your light” better.  

Don’t fret about bad news, take action now.  Pray, prepare, anvóy!

It’s free, ad-free and private

No annoying advertising and all your information stays safe.  Choose what you share with your trusted groups and friends.

It honors God, country and common people

Stop empowering globalist elites to censor truth – and control, mislead and divide us?  Anvóy is owned by normal, local citizens like you.  It’s designed to bring “we-the-people” together to solve our own problems.

It inspires hope, morals and justice

Anvóy promotes the ancient, life-saving truths of faith, family and freedom by rewarding people for doing good.  It’s innovative, built-in tools can empower and inspire you to achieve even more.

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We want to host the platform on our own dedicated servers (that don’t also host evil websites).

Not just pictures, the “bigger picture!”