The Truth pays dividends!

Welcome to Anvóy America, an alternative world where adopting the best values blesses everyone!

Top 7 ValuesShares x PriceTotal
1) Non-Extreme Environmentalism11K x 0.0100$110
2) Family10K x 0.0100$100
3) Marriage1K x 0.0102$10
4) Identity / Purpose0 x 0.0100$0
5) Liberty / Freedom0 x 0.0100$0
6) Human Body0 x 0.0100$0
7) Universal Truth0 x 0.0100$0

Help Build a Better World

Our children are overwhelmed by misinformation that misleads them and can ruin their lives. These bad ideas cause confusion, corruption and conflict in our culture, government, schools and communities. Fortunately, God has inspired a new tool that all of us can use to share life-saving truth with young people and help redeem our land. It’s called Anvóy.

Anvóy is designed to “turn the hearts” (Luke 1:17) of our children – from the powerful distractions of this world – back to God, back to those of us who truly love and care for them, and back to the time-tested and proven Judeo Christian Values on which America was founded. It does this by helping them see (from an early age) that what they believe makes a big difference!

How Anvóy Works

Anvóy is a realistic, ongoing simulation in which adults help young people build an alternative world called Anvóy America, where youth work and earn money that they can invest or pay to local businesses or ministries.

Instead of buy “real stocks,” students buy the “community values” that they believe will give them and Anvóy America the best chances of success. These values are like stocks in that they have a limited number of shares, can pay “dividends” and can be bought and sold at higher or lower prices. Students learn all about the values before they choose which ones to buy. They have an “invested interest” in the values they own and become proponents of them.

Parents and grandparents want to leave a good inheritance to their children that goes beyond material blessings. In today’s confused and corrupt world, the most valuable asset we can leave is a biblical worldview based on the lifesaving truth found in our traditional Judeo-Christian values. These time-tested and proven values pay real dividends in the form of blessed and hopeful lives that are so needed today.

Even the best companies come and go, leaving their investors with nothing, but values based on truth will never fail. By buying Anvóy Values adults participate in this life-changing process that can leave today’s youth not only material blessings, buy even more importantly the wisdom and beliefs that will outlast life itself.

The chaos in the world breaks our hearts. You may be wondering, “How can I be salt and light?” Anvóy may be the answer for which you’ve been praying. It is a paradigm shift in thinking with the potential to improve education, the economy and our nation. Join us and learn more about how you can be part of this social and spiritual revival.