Finally! A Way to Save America

AnVóy is a comprehensive action plan to heal our land and make a better world.  It is what we need to mobilize and equip “we the people” to defend ourselves from way-too-powerful corporate and global elites.  We are creating AnVóy America to show (not just tell) how to restore Faith, Family, Freedom and Fairness. 

Our ancestors faced tyranny 400 years ago.  They crossed dark oceans for freedom and opportunity.   Their courage and sacrifice created the United States of America which was a Beacon of Hope to the world for centuries.   

Sadly, we once again face calamity, but there is hope.  We are taking “Another Voyage” to redeem our nation.  Join us and help build a new Beacon of Hope: AnVóy America!

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Create Hope by Solving Big Problems

Many people have lost hope of saving America.  Others want to do more, but don’t know how.  Obviously, we are in a huge spiritual and cultural battle for the soul of our nation.  Evil forces are working hard to divide and manipulated us with fear.  We face strong opposition and the situation may seem hopeless, but it is not.

The first step to succeeding is believing that we can.  Here are examples of how we can overcome the huge obstacles we face:

Problem AnVóy America Provides…
People are losing hope A clear path / vision to success
People are attacked if they speak truth A way to support and protect them
The people are divided Meaningful ties for mutual benefit
Everything we are doing is not enough Greatly increased impact via coordination
People are punished for doing good Rewards for people doing good
Our small town main-streets are dying Support for local businesses and ministries
Children are overwhelmed by harmful lies An even bigger vision to get excited about
Big gov’t manipulates with money Optional alternatives to the dollar
Many large establishment institutions are corrupt Ways to build better alternatives
Politicians let us down Strong controls to keep them accountable
How to redeem our government Plans to Amend the US Constitution
How to help the less fortunate Mentoring tools to teach Truth better

America’s Rise and Decline

America was built on “unalienable rights” endowed by our Creator and “trust in God” instead of fallible men.  Our Constitution was improved by key Amendments and our nation flourished.  Unfortunately, our country has since become corrupted by bad ideas and misguided elites who ignore God and the Constitution, manipulate the masses and consolidate too much power.  Thinking people realize that we once again face tyranny and need to do something about it.

It’s Time for Another Voyage

We are not helpless.  There are practical, patriotic steps that we can all still take to protect the freedoms of speech and religion for which our fore-fathers died.  Everything we are currently doing is not enough.  We must again take bold action like our ancestors did.

Although there is no “virgin land” to which we can sail, there is a new “virtual land” called AnVóy America (pronounced ăn-VŌY which is short for Another Voyage).  We are taking Another Voyage to AnVóy America to restore our nation’s foundation and preserve hope for future generations.  We welcome you to join us!

AnVóy America is a “virtual world” that can empower YOU to do even more “real world” good

What is AnVóy America?

AnVóy America is a virtual (or simulated) nation made up of 50 “territories” that can become virtual “states.” The people “settling” here are God-fearing, liberty-loving citizens just like you.  This is our way of coming together to support the common people, the small businesses/ministries and local governments that make our communities safe and prosperous.  This is a big vision.  It is a comprehensive plan to restore the Judeo-Christian principles that so blessed our nation.  You can be a key part of it.  Sign up for free to learn more!

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Here’s How to Learn More

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Then What?  Here is What You Will Get

After you sign up, you become a “settler” and have access to:

  • Another Voyage – How to be a Founder
  • Acre – AnVóy’s farmland based Medium of Exchange
  • Alliance – marketplace and common defense
  • Awards – recognition of outstanding performance
  • Arbitration – fair, efficient and rapid dispute resolution
  • Assembly – identifying qualified leadership representatives
  • Alpha – crowdfunding for new product development