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About Anvoy

We created to facilitate the vitally important Christian activities of Bible study, prayer, discipleship and fellowship. We continue to add many innovative and useful tools to this platform. Our goal is to bless you and your family, community, ministry and business.

Be Salt and Light in the World (without being of it)

John 17:14-17

What is Anvoy About?

Building God's Kingdom Better

Anvoy is suite of integrated tools that help Christians be more:

How Does it Work?

We improve results by measuring them, and by aligning our efforts for greater impact - all while still protecting private member information. The Anvoy platform provides dashboards where families, churches, schools, organizations, and even our towns can set priorities and monitor performance immediately.  Mutual aid is coupled with accountability, so that helping doesn’t hurt.

Who is Anvoy?

Anvoy is a coalition of God-fearing, trustworthy, proactive people working unselfishly to implement essential biblical solutions. God’s people have often traveled far to separate themselves from idolatry; we are taking Another Voyage (shortened to Anvoy ) to distance ourselves from worldliness and draw closer to God and His Word.  Alliance is encouraged, but organizations can also "voyage" separately as long as they support the Biblical Worldview.  

Why and When?

Moral decline, confusion and division present an urgent, existential threat. Anvoy aims to counter this threat by mobilizing God’s people to reestablish Foundational Values based on the Bible. We invite you to join Anvoy today as we by God’s grace "encourage one another" (Heb 10:25) to “overcome evil with good” (Rom 12:21).

Where to Start?

We want to help you mobilize your community to build God’s Kingdom better! Start by signing up for membership at If there is not a local chapter in your area (zip code), consider starting one. Otherwise, you can start working within your family, church, school or business.