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Overcoming the Lies that Destroy Lives and Nations

Our ancestors risked everything to cross vast oceans for freedom and opportunity.  The sound beliefs on which they built America made her a beacon of hope to the world for centuries. America has shown the “light of truth” through many global wars and crisis. Without her, the world would have been very dark.

America has always been great to the extent that she was “good” but unfortunately, she is straying more and more from the conservative, biblical principles that so richly blessed her.  As a result, many serious problems are growing and threaten to destroy our children’s future.

Avoiding this Unnecessary Disaster

America is divided between the traditional “Judeo-Christian” beliefs on which she was founded and many new, contrary ones. We are in a spiritual and cultural tug-of-war between good and evil. We are fighting to defend truth, but we are losing our footing. Everything that we are currently doing is not enough. We must find better ways to prevent our fall before it is too late. We still can!

It’s Time to Take ANother VOYage

We have reached a pivotal time in our history that requires an extraordinary response. We can either:

  1. “Pull out all the stops” to pass our life-saving, biblical worldview on to the next generation, or…
  2. Fail to do so, let America’s light go out and watch the world plunge into darkness.

When our ancestors faced similar challenges they did not shrink back in fear. They stepped out in faith and sailed for America. They came together, pooled their resources and took wise action. We are doing the same!

How AnVóy Facilitates Another Voyage

We are helping individuals, families, groups and organizations take Another Voyage to a better world like our brave forefathers did. Our goal is to create a new beacon of hope by “settling” a new America, a “virtual nation” called AnVóy America!

We call our company “AnVóy,” which is short for ANother VOYage. It is a fun and creative way that all of us can work together to redeem our culture one person at a time. Our plan is to engage our youth in the life-changing experience of taking ANother VOYage and settling AnVóy America. Together we can build a successful new “nation” that lights the way forward to a bright future. We invite you to be part of this exciting adventure!

You can fill one or more of the rolls shown above

Ways You Can Participate:

  1. Help build a better world by taking ANother VOYage on a ship with friends or family
  2. Mentor youth by sharing your values while doing meaningful work and “sailing” together
  3. Be the Captain or Officer of your own “ship.” Use the tools we provide (maps, way points, compass and speedometer) to navigate successfully.
  4. Earn wages and/or prizes by working on the “Ship” as Crew members
  5. Earn part-time or full time income as a “Shipping Company” by helping others organize voyages
  6. Turn your organization into a “Shipyard” that creates Classes of Ships designed for Spiritual, Social or Personal “Routes”
  7. Work for a Shipyard and publish Routes or “Way Points” (based on the Judeo-Christian the values we need to restore our nation)

Working Together to Build a “Better World”

Government won’t solve our problems because improvement will never come from the top down. It can only come from the bottom up by changing the hearts and minds of people – starting with our youth who are the future.

Start by Reserving Your Settlement Location

Although AnVóy America is a virtual or imaginary world, we envision it empowering you or your organization to improve your real world results.  By reserving your spot today you will not be obligated to do anything. You will simply be saving your place in line to have the option to receive the benefit of being one of the first to “settle the new world.”

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The Another “Voyage Mentality”

It’s difficult to improve because it requires real change. If nothing changes, nothing changes. It’s inertia, the huge tendency to remain unchanged. It’s hard to overcome the fear of failure, to start, to take that first step and to keep going when the inevitable obstacles arrive. Imagine the risk of leaving home for a New […]

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A True Compass is Essential

In order to take Another Voyage successfully, we must employ an accurate compass. The purpose of any Compass is to define “true north” and indicate how our direction or alignment relates to it. Are we still headed in the right direction? Have we allowed cultural winds to take us off course? The purpose of the […]

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Start Your Settlement in AnVóy America in 2020

The individuals and organizations that take “Another Voyage” and “settle” AnVóy America will be the leaders of it. They will plan and build it. They will vote on policies that government settlement. They will be backed up by all of the Alliance, but will be key to our success. They should also benefit from being […]

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Alternative Institutions – The Building Plan

The goal of Another Voyage is to build and support Alternative Institutions (also called Parallel Institutions) that honor our traditional Judeo-Christian values. Currently many secular institutions have a monopoly. This means that we have no choice but to support them, even though we don’t agree with the policies and agendas that they promote. By creating […]

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Do You Have the Courage?

Just like anyone who embarks on a long journey, you have to make the difficult decision to go. It’s hard to commit to something new, but it is necessary, because everything that we are currently doing doesn’t appear to be enough. We know that if we don’t do everything we can, we will regret if […]

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Avoid the Risk of “Losing Everything”

Experts say that our economy and financial markets nearly collapsed in 2007. Others say that given the Federal Governments unsustainable deficit spending, and growing national debt, a complete collapse is inevitable. It is only a matter of time. One doesn’t need to be an expert, or even very attentive, to realize that our government is […]

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Stop the Division

These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren. Proverbs 6:16-19 […]

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Worse than Fake News

Fake teeth and fake flowers are good. There are many fake things that serve a useful purpose, but not “fake news.” It is far worse than that. Fake News is an abomination because it is the breach of a critically important social contract. It is deception and betrayal. It is a fraud that threatens our […]

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The Crisis is Culture Change – NOT Climate Change

Insider Elites such as politicians, government funded scientists and academics, corporate opportunists and the major news media are all pushing “Climate Change Hysteria.” But the Real Crisis is not our climate. It’s our culture. We are told that if we don’t surrender even more of our freedom and funds to our already massive government, that […]

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Our Ship is Sinking

Water poured through a hundred holes but everyone was too distracted to care. Instead, they enjoyed food and entertainment and made fun and exciting plans for the future. The leaks could have easily been fixed, but no one took the initiative until it was too late. In the end, everyone had to jump into freezing […]

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Voting is the “Worst You Can Do”

Ever notice how the news, money and power is focused on Washington DC and the next election? It is no accident. It is a crafty distraction. It’s true that “voting” is our civic duty, but if that is all we do, we are failing miserably. There is so much more that we must do besides […]

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AnVóy America – What is it?

We are patriots. We love what America once stood for: rugged individualism, freedom, faith in God, the Golden Rule, hard work and opportunity. We are law abiding, tax-paying, producers. We, as our parents before us, have built America on sound moral values with our sweat, blood and tears. Many soldiers and their families made the […]

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The First Voyage

Our ancestors risked life and fortune while crossing vast oceans for freedom.  With incredible courage they came together and organized a massive voyage to a better world.  Their vision created “America” which became a beacon of hope to the world for centuries! Unfortunately, America has since strayed from the conservative, biblical principles that so richly […]

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Another Voyage to Launch 1-1-2020

Just a few days remain until we officially Launch “Another Voyage!”

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Saving Our Neighbors and Nation

We’re in a Spiritual, Political and Cultural Tug-of-War for survival – and we are losing. We’re losing our children, our freedom and hope for the future. There’s One Way to turn the tide and avoid disaster, but we have to act fast. Time is running out. Learn how we can do more. Signup to get […]

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Cooler than Tesla and SpaceX?

What could be cooler than launching a mission to Mars or supposedly “saving the planet” by selling electric vehicles? Well maybe there is something. Why? Because things aren’t always what they seem. At the risk of alienating (pardon the pun) some space enthusiasts and Tesla fans, lets bring these lofty claims down to earth for […]

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